“I have seen Eric Wickiser, at least seven times in the past year. If I feel some unresolved issue bubbling up, I will give Eric a call. Eric helps me identify deep feelings and experiences that are previously unknown to me. Each visit has been very healing. Eric is my guide into these unknown areas. I have seen a number of good therapists during my life, but Eric Wickiser has helped me heal damaged areas that traditional therapists could not touch.”


“Eric’s Rosen work has become this remarkably special time where I am brought to myself. I find Eric’s work to be very relaxing and healing. and all done in the perspective of growth. It is very clear to me that Eric is doing what he is supposed to be doing, Rosen suits him very well and I am very appreciative and fortunate to be recipient of his work.”


A quote from Marion Rosen – “ Rosen Method offered me a way to use touch, gentleness, and words that speak to the patient’s unconscious and support their unfolding process. It opens a pathway through the protective defenses of the self, into the core of their essential nature, which leads to a healing of these innermost places.”

Marion Rosen

“I have tried acupuncture, massage, chiropractic, meditation and therapy. Eric introduced me to this unique touch-relaxation healing technique and the resulting insightful experience. Very rejuvenating and refreshing, physical and spiritually health promoting, yet very hard to describe in words. Keep an open mind, try a session and you’ll understand and want to do it again.”