Eric’s Philosophy

Eric realized his deepest desire is to help people. His desire is to help others to heal and improve our world. His goal is to find deeper ways to know himself and connect with others. He found Rosen Method Bodywork agreed with his philosophy and personal beliefs. Eric found a place in the world where he can help others and make the world a better place.

Through Rosen Method Bodywork, Eric became aware of his own beliefs that were limiting him. He discovered and places in his body where anxiety and worry were physically held. Releasing that inner tension brought him emotional release and cleared away those limiting beliefs and brought him inner peace. This experience inspired him to become a practitioner. His hope is his Rosen Method Bodywork can help others to experience happier and more fulfilled lives.

Marion Rosen, founder of Rosen Method, had a vision of the whole person in which the body can function fully and breathe freely; a vision of human beings experiencing the whole range of emotions and sensations. Rosen Method bodywork and movement make possible the experience of joy and aliveness in the body.

Rosen Method can:

  • Bring out your natural capacity for movement, for emotion, for expression
  • Stop reinforcing old habits that are causing tension and discomfort
  • Cultivate awareness of your body in the present moment
  • Find a somatic way to practice of deep listening and relationship
  • Learn to mobilize your parasympathetic nervous system
  • Reveal unconscious beliefs and feelings