About Eric

Rosen Bodywork Practitioner Eric WickiserEric is a member of The Rosen Institute, ABMP, and a Rosen Method Intern. This intensive training of over 400 hours includes both demonstrations and observation of his work by experienced instructors. His Internship is a period of further training and client work prior to becoming a certified Rosen Practitioner.

Eric’s Rosen training began after years of frustration with the corporate world. He sought ways of having deeper ways connection with himself and others. He realized his deepest desire is to help people heal and improve our world. He feels his profession can coexist with his beliefs,  making the world a better place for his family, children, grandchildren, friends and community.

The desire to help others was brought to life through the inspirational training of Joanna Macy and her associated deep change work. He was first drawn to Rosen Bodywork while observing a friend’s Bodyworks session. His friend became visibly relaxed, their mood and emotions balancing before his eyes. This inspired him to become a practitioner. Eric’s hope is that he can help others to experience happier, better lives, through Rosen Method bodywork.