Rosen Method bodywork and movement make possible the experience of joy and aliveness in the body.

Singing Hearts Bodywork applies Rosen Method Bodyworks. Rosen Method Bodyworks uses a sensitive, gentle touch with a soothing, guiding voice to release chronic muscle tension and promote deep, cleansing relaxation. It is a unique approach to relaxation and healing.

Chronic tension experienced as adults is frequently a physical manifestation of instinctive, protective, defense mechanisms, that we learned in childhood. We may carry these childhood feelings into our adult lives. This can create chronic tension and barriers to our happiness as adults. It may limit our ability to truly enjoy our life. This chronic tension can limit and interfere with our happiness. It may prevent our true happiness and full expression of our lives as adults.

Rosen Method Bodywork creates moments of deep relaxation. In this ideal state of mind, one can release these limiting beliefs and emotional barriers. People experiencing the Rosen Method often experience deep tranquility and peace of mind. This can eliminate long held self-limiting beliefs. Barriers from our childhood may surface, be understood and released through these techniques. This state-of-mind creates a new self-awareness that allows us to know ourselves better. Rosen Bodyworks can help us discover new possibilities, help us define our personal direction and give us a new sense of freedom and self expression.

The MANY benefits of Rosen bodywork

  • Stress relief from deep relaxation and feelings of peace of mind
  • Relief from chronic pain or muscle tension
  • Experience deep physical, mental and spiritual relaxation
  • Experience the power of safe and gentle healing touch
  • Discover and develop your self confidence
  • Develop deeper communication and connection
  • Experience greater feelings of vitality and life
  • Remove limiting beliefs and barriers